About sexually transmitted diseases

Sex has always been a physical pleasure combined with a lot of passion and feelings. Who says that having sex is not an art, it means that has not reached the point where to know this activity very well. To love yourself physically with someone involves many sensations and feelings that you can’t forget them very easily, that’s probably why we’re so impressed by this activity. There are very many women who like sex and are ashamed to admit it because they consider that they will be labeled by others as being women of loose morals. I think it’s a mentality outdated and you don’t have to think like this. However, we live in a world very modern in that the sex is no more time a taboo subject.

When it comes to sexually transmitted diseases, things are getting very serious because it is not at all a subject to take him into the joke. Having sex with very many people different, we risk to get a disease or to develop one, even if our partner is completely healthy. That’s why, it is advisable to protect ourselves as far as we can and not to change our partner out of bed very quickly and very often. I know it is nice to have as many experiences of this kind with multiple partners, but we must think first of all to our health and the negative effects that you may have this continuous exchange of partners.

To avoid sexually transmitted diseases we need to protect ourselves through various means such as condoms, personal hygiene or even lubricant. Although some things seem minor or don’t think about them being overwhelmed by the pleasure from sexual intercourse, some actions may have effects which are quite serious on our body and definitely we don’t want that.