Extend your sex time

All men want to learn more about how can they increase their lasting. There are a few ways on how you can increase your penis size and your lasting. You will see that there are a few ways with which you can easily increase your lasting. First of all you will have to eat more veggies and fruits. If you do so, you will certainly be able to last for a longer period of time in bed. You will have a lot of stamina due to the nutrients you are consuming thanks to the vegetables. If you will be eating a banana before sex, your performance will improve.

Banana contains potassium and a large dose of glucose. This means that you will be able to last longer and you will like that a lot. You can also drink gooseberry juice. This will improve your sperm quality. Another great idea is to eat a handful of strawberries before intercourse. You will be able to last for a longer period of time if you do so. Another thing you should do is to avoid processed sugar. If you have a sugar rush, you will see that your stamina will be reduced. You should also cut down on smoking. If you smoke, you will have problems with your organs. This will also include the sexual functioning. Erection has a lot to do with the heart. If the heart is healthy you will never have problems with an erection. You should also work your arms and your abdominal muscles. In order to have better sex, your core has to be strong. You should work on your biceps and abs. Exercise will improve your blood flow and you will feel better. Also xxnx porn videos can improve your sex time and make it more longer.

This will also help your penis because it will get a bigger amount of blood. Pelvic floor exercises are very good for you. You will manage to gain better bladder control and the erections will last longer. You should also try edging. If you feel that you are almost there, it is a good idea to try edging. If you distract yourself for a bit you will manage to gain the control you need and you will be happy because of the extended sex. Another great idea is to try the squeeze technique. If you will use all of these tips, you will see that your overall sex time will be extended a lot.

India and porn

I have to admit I have never watched an Indian adult movie before. I am a little bit mean when I say it but I imagine their movies to be like one hour long in which 20 minutes they dance, 10 minutes they stare at each other, 20 minutes they have sex and in the last 10 minutes they find out they are related by blood. Sorry not sorry.

I’ve heard though the industry is pretty developed there actually and a lot of people is watching porn. Not that there is possible to say a few people, they are so many people in India that if I would say a quarter of them watch porn it means that A LOT OF PEOPLE watch xnxx.com porn videos. Anyway, the industry is developed in the way that there are many amateur movies which people from India actually watch.

I have no idea how this movies are, I have just seen pictures and some of the girls look pretty hot, I actually thinks I will give it a shot later on. Anyway, Indians cand exploit so much of their culture in order to grow in this field, I just feel like they do not want to give it a try. Come on people, think. You have a lot of beautiful natural places that you can film at, you just have to use your imagination.

Yeah, I am very curious about how an indian movie looks like and I think I might actually give one a try to see what your mind is about dear Indians. Do not disappoint me please, I have had a long exhausting day. Let’s go watch together.

Unprotected sex-risks

Sex has become something extremely normal nowadays, so normal that even 14 year old kids practice this sport. What unfortunately a lot of people can’t understand are the risks that come along with unprotected sex.

A study shows up that most of the people do not use a condom because by using it they do not get the same sensation as they get without it. There is not the same sensation but there is the risk of not having a normal life anymore without abusing this experience because one time is enough.

No matter how much you trust him, men can’t always control themselves and succeed in avoinding a pregnancy. What most of people do not understand is that beside the sperm, men are privileged with something called pre-cum which increases fertility. The acidity in urine destroys the sperm, which means that the pre-cum creats the optimum conditions for a possible pregnancy because it cleans the area through where the sperm passes. Basically, pre-cum stops the destruction of the sperm by the urine.

Let’s assume that there is full control and no possibility of an unplanned pregnancy. There are in this world incurable STD’s (sexual transmitted diseases). They can be kept under control, but your whole life you will have to confront the thought that you risked your health for a game.

Sex is indeed an amazing experience and using a condom can reduce that sensation. But rather than living your whole life using condoms because you have HIV, in case you find out soon enough to vaccinate yourself to slow it down, you better use protection and enjoy a normal life because I am sure you will get the chance to see how it is without it.

About sexually transmitted diseases

Sex has always been a physical pleasure combined with a lot of passion and feelings. Who says that having sex is not an art, it means that has not reached the point where to know this activity very well. To love yourself physically with someone involves many sensations and feelings that you can’t forget them very easily, that’s probably why we’re so impressed by this activity. There are very many women who like sex and are ashamed to admit it because they consider that they will be labeled by others as being women of loose morals. I think it’s a mentality outdated and you don’t have to think like this. However, we live in a world very modern in that the sex is no more time a taboo subject.

When it comes to sexually transmitted diseases, things are getting very serious because it is not at all a subject to take him into the joke. Having sex with very many people different, we risk to get a disease or to develop one, even if our partner is completely healthy. That’s why, it is advisable to protect ourselves as far as we can and not to change our partner out of bed very quickly and very often. I know it is nice to have as many experiences of this kind with multiple partners, but we must think first of all to our health and the negative effects that you may have this continuous exchange of partners.

To avoid sexually transmitted diseases we need to protect ourselves through various means such as condoms, personal hygiene or even lubricant. Although some things seem minor or don’t think about them being overwhelmed by the pleasure from sexual intercourse, some actions may have effects which are quite serious on our body and definitely we don’t want that.