Unprotected sex-risks

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Sex has become something extremely normal nowadays, so normal that even 14 year old kids practice this sport. What unfortunately a lot of people can’t understand are the risks that come along with unprotected sex.

A study shows up that most of the people do not use a condom because by using it they do not get the same sensation as they get without it. There is not the same sensation but there is the risk of not having a normal life anymore without abusing this experience because one time is enough.

No matter how much you trust him, men can’t always control themselves and succeed in avoinding a pregnancy. What most of people do not understand is that beside the sperm, men are privileged with something called pre-cum which increases fertility. The acidity in urine destroys the sperm, which means that the pre-cum creats the optimum conditions for a possible pregnancy because it cleans the area through where the sperm passes. Basically, pre-cum stops the destruction of the sperm by the urine.

Let’s assume that there is full control and no possibility of an unplanned pregnancy. There are in this world incurable STD’s (sexual transmitted diseases). They can be kept under control, but your whole life you will have to confront the thought that you risked your health for a game.

Sex is indeed an amazing experience and using a condom can reduce that sensation. But rather than living your whole life using condoms because you have HIV, in case you find out soon enough to vaccinate yourself to slow it down, you better use protection and enjoy a normal life because I am sure you will get the chance to see how it is without it.